‘Exceptional graduates from around the world’

Graduates Worldwide: Since 1996, we have produced over 700 graduates across the world from our various industry-recognized certificate programs. Many of these graduates are now established, successful coaching practitioners in various industry, government and private service sectors. Closely involved with industry, we have trained over 200 executive coaches since 1998. We maintain a large international network of alumni and friends, with whom we actively build a strong lifetime professional and personal relationship. As a small, private, specialist learning institution we are able to forge strong working relations with our alumni and friends to bring more value to their careers and areas of interest.
The Certified Coaches listed on this page have satisfactorily completed Dr Skiffington’s Registered Behavioral Coach course and may possess additional qualifications to provide professional coaching services. A number of the graduates have also completed further studies (special interest courses) with Dr Skiffington. Coaches are listed alphabetically by state or province and country.

* Note:
– As this is a new and optional directory it is not a complete listing of our graduate coaches and corporate clients.
– To send an email requesting information for coaching services simply click onto the selected coach’s name and supply your name, details and nature of coaching contract etc. Mass mailings will be ignored.
– Dr. Skiffington takes client confidentiality very seriously. Information about our clients (individual graduates or organizational clients) is shared with no one. Dr Skiffington will not acknowledge requests for information about a client without their prior written consent.