“Dr. Suzanne Skiffington is internationally recognized as the world’s leading educator of organizational coaches.”  – H.R.Today. 

Director of Education: 
Suzanne Skiffington, Ph.D
Executive Director: Perry Zeus.
Director of International Programs: Kathryn Jones, Ph.D.
Director of International Research: Ephrem Fernandez,Ph.D.
Director of Client Services: Micheal Dupree
Training and Development Coordinator: Natalie Johnson
Research and Development
and Publications Coordinator:
 Michelle Walker
Business Manager: Yuko Ronda

Board of Professional Advisors and Consultants: 
Chaired by Ethics Advisor; Denise Skiffington, BMBS.M.A.


– Dr Suzanne Skiffington has been interviewed on T.V., radio and in the print media around the world. Her work and research in coaching has been reported in the world’s top executive, business, professional and scientific journals. She has lectured in leading universities, consulted with various government committee meetings and hearings, opened international conferences with key note speeches and has had numerous coaching articles published in various journals, magazines and newspapers.

Suzanne has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Masters of Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. In the 1980’s while teaching psychology at university, her research in human performance in an organizational environment led her to begin executive coaching.

An authority on organization behavior and development, Dr. Skiffington has been at the forefront of integrating behavioral science with principles of leadership, management and organizational development. In 1995 she teamed up with Perry Zeus to establish a coaching practice that spanned six countries.

Perry Zeus:
In the 1980’s Perry worked as a project and business development management consultant (both in the United States and Australasia). In the early 1990’s as an executive coach and management mentor he also conducted various specialist coaching clinics with a variety of professional groups including health care professionals and management consultants
 and wrote numerous articles on organizational coaching for the Institute of Management, H.R. Monthly, Business Review Weekly, the Organizational Psychologists Journal etc.

Over the last decade Suzanne has been invited to speak to hundreds of organizations and professionals involved in training, teaching, therapy and consulting on her successful coaching techniques. Time and time again in her travels she would be asked to provide a coaching accreditation program and her secrets for establishing a successful coaching practice.

Her first priority though, was managing her own large practice which consisted of nine coaches and an international business client base. Her loyal clientele, spanning six countries, included several Fortune 500 companies and a number of high profile business and sporting identities. But something was to change all that. McGraw-Hill Education approached her and Perry Zeus to write a how-to, practical professional coaching reference text, grounded in the behavioral sciences. After considerable thought they accepted the challenge and passed the day-to-day running of their practice on to their partners.

With some justification for several years work, their best selling, groundbreaking reference books (The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work’ , ‘The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices’ and ‘Behavioral Coaching: How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength‘) have received numerous awards and are course reference texts in many universities, colleges, coaching schools and organizations internal training programs around the world. The reference books are also the UK’s, Australasia’s and North America’s top selling organizational coaching texts. The Chinese government recently selected the books to be the first coaching texts to be translated and distributed throughout China. The first print runs were sold out within several weeks.

New Objectives:
In the mid 1990’s, due to an overwhelming demand for professional coach accreditation and training, Suzanne, together with Perry Zeus, went on to establish specialist coach training workshops.

As a trained, experienced adult educator, Suzanne decided to dedicate her life to teaching the professional coaching and business skills she developed during her distinguished career to others who seek to gain their highest potential in coaching. Through her unique professional development short course (as the Graduate Institute of Master Coaches Director of Education and Course Facilitator) she was now able to share her success formula with accomplished, busy, professional people who desire to be qualified, credentialed professional coaches.

In 1997 Suzanne pioneered and published research on ‘Towards a Validation of Multiple Features in the Assessment of Emotions‘ that has stimulated new research and instrument development in this domain by personality, social and developmental psychologists. Today, as a guest lecturer, she still finds time to teach coaching in some of the region’s leading universities.

With support from past graduates around the world and her associates at the Coaching Institute, Suzanne has spent several years of research, application and fine tuning in developing her coach training course. The break-through fast track course trains and equips its graduates in the shortest possible time while providing a proven formula for achieving the greatest level of PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION and STANDING, SATISFACTION and SUCCESS. Over the last decade, working with Perry Zeus from offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and the Gold Coast, she has accredited over several hundred professionals involved in consulting, training, management etc. on her successful personal change coaching methodology and business practice.

Now based in Australia, Perry is currently writing another coaching text book and as the Institute’s Executive Director devotes much of his time overseeing all course development (ensuring the certification/training programs are always in step with world best practice and the latest organizational thinking) and coaching research and development.

Graduate/Partner Support:
Behavioral Research Laboratory
Dr Skiffington and her team are currently engaged in research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in several coaching practice areas. The ongoing research not also advances the quality of our certification course but also the follow-on specialist courses as a part of our Graduate Support Program.

The Behavioral Research Laboratory as well as our Graduate Institute of Master Coaches is part of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization). The Laboratory is available to support the faculty and their students to conduct state-of-the-art research on issues that affect human and/or organizational performance, change and learning. Research findings are also published in our publications.

Dr. Skiffington’s respect for: the values of education, personal responsibility and coaching’s accountability to clients is deeply embedded in the philosophy of the Institute. As such, her standards for entry into her courses/partner programs is very high. Everyone who applies does not get accepted. The interview process with Perry and Suzanne ensures those individuals (coaches, consultants, HR professionals and other accomplished professionals) and organizations who wish to become Certified and Accredited have the experience, the expertise and the ability to use their training and get results.

Limited Regional Courses: 
As Dr Skiffington personally delivers the program (1-to-1 or in a small group format versus a class or large group) around the world -there is a strict limit to the number of courses Suzanne can logistically provide. This is a major and fundamental change to traditional professional development. No other Coaching Educator has such a low facilitator/student ratio (1:1 or 4:1) -thereby providing a unique opportunity for the student to spend time developing their own personal coaching skill sets and business practice needs versus a prescribed “packaged” approach to everyone.

This unique, personal connection between the facilitator and the participant also means that there is always a high demand from talented, experienced prospective candidates for the limited number of regional partnerships/course places available. 

Today, Dr Skiffington attracts the best students from all around the world and celebrates a growing list of successful and influential alumni (see above ‘Network/Directory’ tab for a list of some of her private graduates). Her corporate clients include a diverse range of Government Departments, some of the world’s leading higher learning institutions and Fortune 100 companies. The Graduate Institute of Master Coaches ‘world best-class’ standards reflect a fundamental difference in what we do and how we do it compared with anyone else.