….”How do I guarantee success?
“My Master Coach certification from Dr. Skiffington’s Graduate Coaching School! The one-to-one, tailor made course instantly provided me the specific personal skills set and business tools I needed for my niche practice.. that would have taken years to accumulate.” – Jill Stretton. Executive Coach and owner of Next Level Business Coaching

“When a potential corporate client sees that you have been personally trained and certified by Dr. Skiffington’s Graduate School of Coaching, the odds are much greater that you will be awarded the job.” – Robert M. Johnson, Senior Executive Coach, Executive Solutions

“Through their Graduate School of Coaching, Suzanne and Perry have conducted over several hundred coaching certification workshops worldwide and are the world’s leading educators and practitioners in their field” – Asian Daily News -International Coach Federation ICF

“…Dr. Suzanne Skiffington and Perry Zeus were early pioneers in the coaching field. After establishing one of the country’s most successful coaching practices, then writing the ultimate reference on coaching skills they now certify and mentor budding coaches from all around the globe through the international Graduate School of Coaching” – News of the World. -Dr Skiffington’s Graduate School of Business and Executive Coaching:

.”Executive Coaching Credentials Vary: Due Diligence is a Must”

The Business demand for Coaching is nearly doubling each year – Business Wire.
Everyone knows that the Coaching industry is the place to be right now. With a worldwide shortage of skilled professionals and an ever-increasing demand, jobs and contracts are exceeding supply and salaries/fees are rocketing. “People, rather than companies, do hire their own coaches — some of whom charge as little as $50 an hour for phone or e-mail consultations. However, companies are paying up to $100,000 for yearlong engagements with CEOs, or $5,000 to $15,000 for a three-month engagement with senior managers.” – according to the Associated Press. People from all walks of life are jumping onboard the life coaching sector, many with little or no experience, and trying to get their piece of the economic pie. The real jobs are however, in the business coaching sector; says the Time Business News:”..business coaching, a trend that’s exploding among small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. It’s estimated that up to 20% of American small businesses are using them, up from 4% just four years ago.” According to a recent report in the Business Wire: “..the number of job coaches has grown from 5,300 nationwide in 1998 to approximately 10,000 in 2001. Job coaching has become a $250 million industry and shows no sign of slowing. And it is not just a U.S. phenomenon.”

“At the moment, there are no standards of practice or widely recognised certification for executive coaches…Anyone can set himself or herself up as a coach.” -Institute for Employment Studies

“National and global companies are looking for highly trained organizational coaching graduates who have experience with international business practices and cultures, who are committed to people development, and understand the importance of the bottom-line..” -Financial Times

Industry-recognized Certification Lends Credibility
So how does one guarantee their special place in this prolific market? As mentioned earlier, most of the “coaches” in the field come from extremely varied backgrounds. Many have very little experience or formal training (if any), are “life or personal coaches” and typically undertake some type of generic, mass-market online course. In the business coaching field many consultants and other professionals are simply renaming themselves as organizational/executive coaches without any formal coach training. With this assembly-online production of “coaches” and professional re-branding, how can a prospective, ethical coach be sure of selecting the right course for them or an employer or private client be sure that they are hiring someone who really knows what they are doing?

Currently, there are over twenty different major coaching bodies in the world each with their own political or private business agenda. For example, the International Coaching Federation was founded in the mid 1990’s by Coach U (a US based, online course provider) for the purpose of certifying their life coaching courses. Today, anyone interested in hiring a coach must be cautious. So many trainers, spiritual advisors, consultants, bartenders, motivational speakers and media personalities refer to themselves as coaches that it’s difficult to distinguish a true resource from all the hype. Note that certification, as a “personal coach” (especially via a cookie-cutter e-learning course) does not qualify someone to be the best selection as a business/executive coach.”

Coaching involves bringing about profound changes in thinking and behavior and it is not something that can simply be ‘an add on’ to any consultant’s existing services. Although ‘coaches’ may have received some basic training in coaching, they need continuous professional development of their coaching skills by highly trained, experienced and accredited educators to be truly effective

“A business coach is a highly trained specialist and should be hired only after: a review and verification of the coach’s level of education/training and credentials; confirmation of the coach’s industry experience; investigation of the coach’s skills; agreeing on what diagnostic instruments and interventions will be used; consideration of the projected return on this investment (ROI) and establishing how the coaching success will be measured and evaluated. Assessments must also be part of a business coach’s tool kit – do not hire a coach that relies on a crystal ball or one that coaches from the heart. A reputable coach will welcome the opportunity to explain his or her specialist training. Those with minimum or no qualifications in the use of validated, psychological-based change and learning tools will be hesitant to provide information.” – The Business Journal- CEO Refresher (Extracts). -June 22, 2001.

“..many executive coaches..sell themselves as purveyors of simple answers and quick results… The idea that an executive coach can help employees improve performance quickly is a great selling point to CEOs, who put the bottom line first. Yet that approach tends to gloss over any unconscious conflict the employee might have. This can have disastrous consequences for the company long term and can exacerbate the psychological damage to the person targeted for help…Unless these Executive coaches have been trained in the dynamics of Interpersonal relations, however, they may abuse their power often without meaning to… To best help their executives, companies need to draw on the expertise of ..executive coaches with legitimate skills.” Harvard Business School Journal. July 2002
The faculty members of any professional coach training school should be:
1) accredited, university-trained educators and facilitators who preferably network with other coaches around the world so they can establish international ‘best skill practice standards’

2) experienced, business and executive coaches who practice what they teach.

3) experienced behavioural scientists (e.g. clinical psychologists) who are licensed to instruct in the use of validated behavioral change tools and techniques..

Credentialing issues:

“The requisite knowledge and expertise of coaches is also related to the issue of credentialing. As we noted in our second book, the question of coaching credentials and licensing remains a serious concern for coaches. As yet, there is no agreement on training and academic standards, requisite competencies, a code of ethics or ongoing professional development. While some coaching bodies are ostensibly working together on this issue, such work is typically characterized by competitiveness rather than true collaboration.

The demand for credentialing in coaching has gathered momentum in the light of the increasing numbers of coaches working full-time and part-time and the proliferation of coach training schools. Furthermore, internationally, there is a growing public accountability for organizations and professionals. Clients, coachees and the general business world have the right to know what they can expect from a coach in terms of their credentials and expertise.

To date, there is no association that has been accredited by any government body and certainly none that is truly representative of full-time, professional, practicing coaches in the workplace. The reality is that some of the larger “international” coaching associations were privately founded by commercial training companies for the purpose of externally ‘legitimizing’ their training courses. These types of associations typically have a private business agenda that concentrates on adding large numbers of members to their database for commercial purposes.

Finally, the coaching industry is still in its formative stages of development and we suggest that clients and coaches be cautious of private member organizations that claim to be “recognized” and representative of the industry. If prospective coaches wish to network with like minded professional coaches, they should undertake research regarding the coach training school’s student and teaching profile. Ideally, the school should have some form of federal or state government association, or better still, the government as a client.” – Excerpts from ICC Conference Paper (Coaching credentials and accreditation) presented by Dr Skiffington. 2003

Business coaches are in great demand by small, medium and large businesses alike. Such is the demand Corporate coaches can charge from $600 to $2,000 a month for three or four 30 to 60 minute conversations. Some charge as much as $400 an hour. So a lot of them are earning far more than psychologists or psychiatrists. – TIME BUSINESS NEWS. Sept.2002

Whether you’re in client development or not – you can take control of your professional life and utilize your experience, training and people skills to gain more personal fulfillment by becoming a successful business/organizational coach with the world’s leading private, Professional Coach educator.


– Dr Skiffington’s Master Coach Certificate Courses are unique among coaching courses worldwide. What makes them unique, and the basis for their remarkable success, is:

The course is delivered ONE-to-ONE by Dr. Suzanne Skiffington (a world renowned coaching authority, author and practitioner). – This is a major and fundamental change to traditional professional development. No other Coaching Educator has a 1:1 facilitator ratio or a 4:1 facilitator ratio (for small group courses). By working face-to-face and one-to-one versus via e-learning or in large classes Dr Skiffington can tailor/”best fit” the course to the student’s style of learning and open the door to personalized, faster and more comprehensive learning – and more importantly, to success for every learner, regardless of background and individual differences.

The 1 to 1 or small group course with Dr Skiffington creates:
– a personal connection between the facilitator, participant and the subject matter versus a “classroom approach”
– an interactive learning environment
– a lively, focused discussion
– the unique opportunity for the student to spend time developing their own personal skill set and business needs versus a prescribed “packaged” approach to everyone
– the opportunity to question, learn and practice new skills in a safe, supportive and highly constructive atmosphere

Receive private, supervised training in the use of validated behavioral change and learning techniques and ‘world-class’ coaching business practices by:
a) a licensed clinician trained in the behavioral sciences (Doctor in Clinical Psychology),
b) a qualified professional development educator and University academic,
c) a highly successful practicing Coach of many years
d) a world-wide best-selling author on coaching, and
e) an acknowledged world authority on business and executive coaching
World renowned educator Professor Bijan Gillani says learning must be personalized to a student’s needs if it is to be effective. This includes not only the content and structure but also how an individual student processes information, how much they know and the presentation they prefer. Individualized learning must also be based on an assessment of the student’s needs. As the Masters level course is designed and delivered one-to-one by Dr. Skiffington (who has designed coaching degree status courses and still ‘guest lectures’ at some of the world’s leading universities) the graduate is assured of the highest standard of teaching and course content.

The use of Accelerated Learning – which uses the whole brain approach to learning and where the learner is viewed as an interactive player. – And why would we want to apply accelerated learning to our coaching programs?
A: Researchers have found that people work and learn more effectively in a positive, intimate and emotionally supportive environment. ‘AL’ techniques take anxiety and competition out of the environment and replace them with positive energy, positive speaking and genuine collaboration. Using ‘AL’ techniques simply means we can accelerate the learning process by working (one-on-one) with an individual’s preferred learning style. By optimizing the time available we can accomplish the learning in a much shorter time than by using conventional methods. It also means we can manage the conditions that enhance learning, reduce barriers that impede learning and produce the highest level of participant satisfaction and accomplishment.

The course is aimed for: a) busy professionally qualified and experienced practitioners and, b) qualified persons desiring to become a coaching professional – who require a:
– personalized, modularized, short course tailored to fit their needs
– flexibility in delivery, and
– a world-best standard course offering certification and follow-up support.

There is a close working relationship and industrial collaboration between Dr. Skiffington, organizational bodies, companies, academic institutions and various coaching organizations. This ensures the maximum effectiveness of the industry-driven training.

Graduates can expect to graduate as the ‘elite’ (highly-trained practitioners) in their field. In the emerging field of coaching, you can find distinction through 1-to-1 credentialing by a one of the world’s leading coaching authorities.

As a respected authority in the worldwide coaching industry, Dr Skiffington is renowned for both her research and educational work via:
.- The Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (a non-for-profit research organization -see below) -As the Center’s senior officer, Dr Skiffington personally supervises an international team of leading coaching educators and practitioners engaged in ongoing research and development
.- The Graduate School of Master Coaches (a private learning institution, open to qualified persons only) -As the Institute’s Director of Education, Dr Skiffington personally delivers customized, ‘world-best standard’ coach training courses around the world to selected individual and organizational clients
.- The Behavioral Coaching Institute (a research and educational institution for organizations) -As the Institute’s Director of Learning and Development, Dr Skiffington assists in the ongoing learning and development of a clients coaching staff and programs

Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching:
.-Our Institute’s Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (CABC) evaluates the effectiveness of coaching interventions, tools, techniques and processes. It represents a “Center of Excellence” dedicated to data collection and objective research consulting. In addition, our Behavioral Laboratory conducts important research that serves to capture the issues, attitudes and best practices of coaching at work both from the practitioners and clients perspective. We publish our findings and provide research and development resources to all of our corporate and private clients. The research strengthens the Institutes educational services by constantly updating our advanced Masters-Level course content and our best-selling, introductory-level text books enriches the knowledge base for the international coaching community in general.

For over a decade, we have worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful validated, initiatives. Our real solutions have produced real results. And through our publications (published and distributed in multiple languages by McGraw-Hill Education), with the added input from our graduates worldwide, we have documented many of these outstanding success stories
Dr Skiffington’s Graduate Institute of Master Coaches:
.-Since 1996, Dr Skiffington has produced over 500 graduates across the world from her various industry-recognized certificate programs. Many of these graduates are now established, successful coaching practitioners in various industry, government and private service sectors. Closely involved with industry, we have trained over 200 executive coaches since 1998. We maintain a large global network of alumni and friends, with whom we actively build a strong lifetime professional and personal relationship. As a small, private, specialist learning institution we are able to forge strong working relations with our alumni and friends to bring more value to their careers and areas of interest.

Dr Skiffington’s course has been undertaken by members of various state and regional governments, various Government Defense Departments, the Hong Kong Government, Australian Government, UK Government, The Law Society of NSW, The Australian Prime Ministers Office and various international financial institutions etc. Our introductory level coaching text books are required reading in many other renowned higher learning institutions, such as; Toronto, Michigan, Sydney, JFK, Harvard, Beijing and Oxford Universities, who provide business-related degree courses, such as MBA’s containing a coaching component.

University or College Program Development – Graduate and Undergraduate Degree, Certificate Program or Non-Credit, Continuing Education Programs:

We assist higher learning institutions with the design and development of new, or the revision of existing coaching course modules. Our specialty is to custom-design these courses to fit the local market as well as the needs and culture of specific client-organizations that want a tailored version of these programs presented in-house by the learning institution. See: R. Program

-Obtain Certification that is recognized worldwide
– and become an industry-recognized trained and credentialed professional
organizational coach

Contary to the myth, today there is not one coaching association or body that is recognized by any state or federal government around the world.

Dr Skiffington’s ‘industry focused’ Certification is recognized by companies and organizations around the world.

Dr Skiffington’s Certification Course is recognized by many Government Accredited Professional Associations (as part of their Continuing Education professional development programs) responsible for the supervision and training of professionals working in areas such as the behavioral sciences, management and human resources.

Our courses are by ‘invitation only’ and not open to all.

Our graduates realize the value in distancing themselves from the rest of the fuzzy marketplace

Our graduates strive to be the best they can and therefore demand the best education and support available to them.

We ensure our graduates already possess the personal skills sets and organizational acumen to succeed as a professional coach.

Dr Skiffington’s introductory level coaching textbooks form the basis of coach training modules in universities and training schools around the world. However, her own “hands-on”, “how-to” courses are ten steps more advanced than her books. The behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last decade by Dr. Skiffington, which integrates the most advanced research on adult development and human systems theory into an elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching process is taught to each student so they can effectively apply it in their work.

Dr Skiffington is not only a respected educator but also one of the world’s leading researchers and developers of proven coaching practices and models for developing individuals and organizations (corporate, executive, small business, educational and government).

The real value in certification is most apparent when you are presenting your credentials to a prospective client. On the one hand, there are thousands of unsuitable persons who have being trained in an impersonal, assembly-line classroom or production-line internet training school/college/university by trainers or academics who have never reached or practiced the levels of coaching they claim they can teach -compared to- the professionally committed individual who has been personally trained, mentored and certified 1-to-1 by a world renowned authority on organizational coaching, an acclaimed educator, coaching master and best-selling author on the subject matter.

Dr Skiffington’s name and her reputation, as represented by her certification, are an invaluable aid to any coach seeking credibility and recognition as a highly trained competent practitioner.

– Designation
-Dr. Skiffington’s courses are customized to suit entry-level certification and accreditation, through to
mid-career development and updating.

.- Upon completion of the Certificate of Applied Behavioral Coaching Course the graduate is awarded the CERTIFIED MASTER COACH designation Dr Skiffington. As the graduate is personally trained by Dr. Skiffington, they are listed on: 1) this website’s Graduates/Alumni Register/Directory (see top-of-page tab: ‘Graduates Network’, 2) the Behavioral Coaching Institute’s (our institution for organizations) online Directory and, 3) our 1-to-1 Coaching School Directory. Graduates are able to refer their clients and prospects to their registration/listing in the Directory as: a) validation of their high standard of training and, b) that they have been personally trained and certified as a coach by Dr Skiffington. Graduates are also granted the right to reproduce the above (CMC) designation logo on their resume/promotional material etc..

Show your colleagues or prospective clients that you have the skills it takes to provide sustainable, world best-standard, coaching outcomes. By displaying Dr Skiffington’s Certified Master Coach logo on your business cards, resume and website, you’ll be recognized by all as an industry expert—as well as capture more clients and advance your career. Test your skills, knowledge, and experience with a challenging, career changing course that is a recognized benchmark around the world.

A major reason why professional coaches choose to become certified by Dr Skiffington is that they require industry-recognised qualifications. Master Coach Certification by Dr Skiffington demonstrates to a prospective client that the coach has received world-best personalized training by a recognised authority. Membership to large “international” coaching associations etc. might at first seem useful to the new coach looking for ways to impress the general buying public. However, to a prospective organizational client (who is constantly bombarded with flyers and calls from the hundreds of new, ill-trained, and inexperienced part-time coaches being “certified” each month by the coaching associations) it’s all about the quality of training, experience and resources that a professional coach brings with them.

A coach is a “resource person” and is good as their resources are many, scientifically valid and measurable. Sustainable coaching outcomes are not a product of personality profiling, simplistic goal -setting, or cheerleading etc. A coach can only be as successful as the quality and depth of their resources permit them.

Dr Skiffington, over several years has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable. These “world-best” standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success and are available through her course for qualified individuals to learn to use
Coaching, by nature, is in a continual process of development and draws from a wide range of behavioral sciences and professional disciplines. Professional coaching has little resemblance to the fuzzy ‘model’ promoted and sold to unqualified persons by the large online course marketers, many regional providers and commercially oriented “international coaching” associations.

Dr Skiffington’s Global Coach Training School not only: a) develops cutting edge professional coaching tools, techniques and resources but also, b) conducts research which includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the industry leaders in their field who have established coaching programs and; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. This ongoing, intensive research, development and testing program allows us to continually update/upgrade our Coach Certification Program -ensuring our worldwide graduates receive the best-of-the-best in world-standard professional coach education, follow-on support and resources.

The graduate is granted the right to use the following in the day to day operation of their coaching practice :
– their one-to-one training and subsequent credentials personally provided by Dr. Skiffington and her world wide reputation as an educator, acclaimed author and expert on coaching
– the various course coaching processes, tools, forms, resources and support
– This in turn :

provides you with validation of your specialist expertise/training and an instant means of professional standing and credibility in your marketplace
demonstrates your commitment to the business coaching profession
enhances your perceived value to clients
demonstrates your knowledge of world best practice standard coaching trends, skills and techniques
provides you with a priceless service capability statement, the perfect coaching reference tool and the ultimate business calling card
Who is this program for?

People who would like to develop an external coaching practice to empower individuals, corporate communities and organizations.
People who would like to create a personal/life coaching practice (that may or may not include coaching executives).
Key personnel, HR executives and other managers involved in an existing coaching program or professional/personal development within an organization.
People who are in leadership or management positions in organizations who wish to shift their leadership style to that of coaching the team or individuals.
Consultants, psychologists, therapists, educators, trainers etc. who wish to: a) offer more services to current clients by learning industry-proven, world class coaching techniques and b) learn marketing and business strategies to significantly expand their markets.
Why spend valuable time trying to reinvent the wheel and locked up in research or attending “fluffy”, group generic coaching classes conducted by “novice coaches” or worse still “trainers” who have been trained by another “trainer” to deliver the course. Dr. Skiffington gives you the benefit of her years of work and experience and a course tailored to your specific coaching needs.

Our proven coaching tools and processes take the “fluff” out of coaching and help you get the results your clients or employees want. You’ll also receive hundreds of pages of materials to use such as: worksheets, guide notes, reading materials, forms, checklists etc.

Dr. Skiffington’s certified coaching program is a PROVEN SUCCESS. You will receive all the assistance required to establish and/or manage a SUCCESSFUL COACHING PRACTICE. You will receive a business and financial model, as well as the skills and techniques and the coaching tools needed to make your professional life a continuing success.

If you want the FREEDOM of choosing your own income level and the satisfaction of guiding individuals and businesses to fulfill their potential, then our proven world best Coaching accreditation program is your key to success.

Whether you are an independent coach or training provider, consultancy group, internal training department, professional association, community or private college or university program – we are able to skill you to provide world class coaching – and we do not ask for any royalties.

Course Follow-on Support
Mentoring Program “..how to successfully apply what you have learnt”
.- For our graduates who require an ongoing commitment by Dr Skiffington to their
continuing professional development and practice:
.-Client Management and Business Practice Support – also necessary for membership to the Coaching Network

Career Development:
. -Have a mentor assist you in building your practice. Don’t re-invent the wheel!….. Hire a mentor. “Walk your talk”. Some coaches choose to specialize in an intervention and work with business professionals across a range of industry sectors. Others tend to specialize in one industry-type such: health-care, IT, education, financial, defense, energy, legal, telecommunications, utilities, aerospace, automotive, call-center, local government etc… Whatever the business sector you may choose to coach in, Dr Skiffington can help guide you to best find your right professional roadmap. Through her many years of working with organizational clients and thousands of graduates around the world, Dr Skiffington can provide the career support and advise you require to be successful in your specific region/marketplace.

This important, but optional, follow-on support service is personally provided by Dr. Skiffington and can involve multiple levels of agreed upon assistance and guidance such as: preparing marketing strategies for your practice, help in preparing a proposal to a prospective client, guidance on various case issues, product/service development, reference to further resources you may require regards a specific coaching intervention etc. This vitally important service/mentorship provided by Suzanne ensures her long term commitment to your professional development and long-term success. (Note: for the Global Work Referral Program and Graduates Networking/referral Program -see below: ‘Graduates Network’).

As a developer of, and author on coaching best-practices, Dr Skiffington works with some the world’s leading specialist coaching practitioners and corporate coaching program managers in the form of an ongoing, co-learning, developmental partnership. However, all of her mentoring ‘partners’ receive equal access to her ‘experience and knowledge base’.

The Master Coach Course provides the specific tools, techniques, coaching models etc. that you require in your day-to-day specialist practice. This exclusive mentoring program provides the glue to creating foundational strength and resiliency. The program provides the difference between course participants who listen and then go on and may apply what they hear and are given, and those who listen and then go on to apply what they hear and are given through one-on-one counsel/mentoring within their practice.

The program is a form of personal and business success insurance – to ensure your newly taught coaching skills and practice management skills succeed. The program:

helps the coach evaluate how well they are performing

assists in overcoming challenges

helps reinforce the specific model of successful coaching as it relates to their practice

helps the coach identify and refine what is working well and what needs further fine-tuning and what to change

helps the coach reflect on where they are

assists the coach in problem-solving and finding solutions

is a means for information sharing

provides access to invaluable advice on business/marketing matters

increases the competitiveness of your practice

assists the coach in resourcing ie: a coach is a resource person and is therefore as good as their resources are deep

is a tangible way for you to show your prospective clients that you are walking your own talk by being mentored/coached by Dr. Skiffington.

Medium and Frequency:
-The mentoring program is conducted via telephone (for up to 60 minutes or so) and by appointment -the graduate emails Dr Skiffington’s office and establishes a mutually convenient appointment time. Dr Skiffington makes the calls. Frequency varies according to graduates need. Note: As Dr Skiffington’s time is booked three to four months ahead -mentoring is arranged with course enrollment.

How to ensure you are always in possession of the latest coaching technology:
To ensure our graduates and their clients are using the latest, cutting edge coaching technology (and be ahead of their field) we provide an optional 2 Year (renewable) Continuing Professional Development Program. Members of the Program receive: a) the latest ‘coaching technology’ each year via the revised/updated content of the 3-Set, Masters-level Coaching Course Manuals, Toolkit and Resources plus, b) 2 accompanying 1-to-1 telephone tutoring/mentoring support sessions with Dr Skiffington to review the latest tools and practices etc

1 to 1 Coaching Network™:

Dr Skiffington’s international best-selling text books have created substantial media exposure and a huge overseas demand not only for her coaching courses but also for coaches credentialed by her. To meet this growing demand our Global Coaching Network will also need further coaches trained and mentored in our methodology.

Suzanne’s strategy is to invite a small number of graduates from the Master Coach Course to undertake several months of follow-on support and mentoring. All course graduates join a unique Global Referral Network (via the 1 to 1 Coaching Network) that includes listing (optional) on a Graduate Register/Directory that is distributed world-wide (See: Coaching Referral Services – Graduate Register Page).

“Thanks for the referral…We met for an hour, I sent him a proposal the following day and he confirmed approval to proceed the next day…a 12 week program on my full corporate rates. Thanks again Suzanne for your mentoring, encouragement and the referral.”
– P. Krust. Executive Coach

Graduates are able to refer their clients and prospects to their registration/listing as: a) validation of their standard of training and, b) that they have been personally trained and certified as a coach by Dr Skiffington. Business leads that are generated by the 1to1 Network are obviously a valuable bonus.

The 1 to 1 Coaching Network, in a very short time, is emerging as one of the world’s leading network of business and life coaching services. Our local and overseas private and corporate clients (which include some of the best known companies in their field and some very well known media, business and sporting personalities) already rate our trained and mentored Master Coaches at the top of their chosen field.

-4 Day Course plus mentoring for new and established Professional Coaches
Fee Schedule (For Course Content- see below page ‘read more’ arrow)

. – Designation awarded upon completion of the Course
– For Professionals: Dr Skiffington understands there are a lot of professional and personal demands on your time.
For the last decade our Institute has afforded busy professionals with a convenient/on-site and fast-tracked
course-delivery method for obtaining the formal coaching structure and processes they specifically require for their
practice – (Check Calendar of available dates on Registration of Interest Form)
.- Select from 4 Course Format Options:
Format # 1. One-to-One. (Dr Skiffington and you only -in your home or home office)
– Just nominate your preferred location where this course will be exclusively delivered to you in your office or home office. Note: the Masters-level course fee covers all costs excluding course venue which is the responsibility of the participant. Includes all Coaching Tools, Techniques and Templates etc.

– North America – $us7,950
– Australia, Sydney – $A7,950
– Asia -$us7,950.
– Europe and Rest of world -$us7,950.
– Plus –
– the option of being mentored by Dr. Skiffington via 1-to-1 telephone Client Management and Business Practice Support -at $250 per session

Format # 2. Peer -Small Group. (4 to 8 persons only -with Dr Skiffington)
Tuition: $3,950. -USA and rest of world Course Fees are in US Dollars (except Australia where they are in Australian Dollars).
– This course is strictly limited to a very small number of qualified, ‘individual’ participants (eg; 4 to 8, depending on region) who: a) prefer to learn via small group interaction and group role-play; b) have similar training/professional development needs to the other students; c) wish to establish a network of fellow coaches who share a similar professional profile/background and, d) want to undertake follow-on mentoring and receive Client Management and Business Practice Support ie: -$250 per session. Course venue supplied. Some benefits:

open discussion and consultation with peers
participate in frank and private learning dialogues
compare and benchmark own past and planned work to other real-world models
able to individually work and learn through different interactions/experiences with fellow peers/professionals
able to establish own post-workshop network of fellow peers/professionals
able to co-refer and make alliances for delivery of large contracts, and
to further grow their ‘professionalism’ beyond the course
For global venue locations (New York, London and Sydney) and dates of next courses see: Registration Form

Format # 3. Informal Small Group -for local professionals -conducted in
your office: (min. 3 persons)

– Tuition: $3,950 per person.
-An informal group of local, like-minded professionals brought together (by a Sponsor*-see below) for the purpose of having Dr Skiffington deliver the course exclusively to them in their city. Customized format to fit the groups specific personal and business practice needs. Course fee covers any travel and accommodation costs etc by Dr Skiffington and includes all Coaching Manuals, Tools, Templates, Coaching Forms, Resources etc. (Minimum number of participants -with similar needs is: 3, Max. 6). Note: A special course rate is provided to the Course Sponsor* in recognition of their work eg: initiating the course, enlisting the other group members and arranging the venue (a suitable office or home office). All course fees are in US Dollars -except when courses are held in Australia where they are in Australian Dollars.

Format # 4. Existing Small Group -In-House: Business / Practice -conducted in
your offices:
– Tuition: $3,950 per person. -Plus Special Corporate Rate schedule for multiple bookings.
– Customized and ‘delivered to you’, on-site/in-house. Suitable for Organizations and in-house associates with similar training needs. Includes how to design, build and manage a successful a Coaching and/or Mentoring Program. (Minimum 2 persons, maximum 6). Plus the option of being mentored by Dr. Skiffington and receiving Client Management and Business Practice Support -at $600 per month per person.

“This course gave us new meaning to coaching. It showed us how to design, develop and bench mark coaching initiatives and to how to better manage these accountable programs.” – N. Peterson. Global Training & Development Director. ICM

.Note: Accreditation Program -for existing practices, conducted in your offices:
.For existing coaching practices (external or an organization’s in-house coaching program) -one or more of its members to undertake a unique, 1-to-1, 5 Day Program (conducted on-site at the participants offices -the 4 Day Masters-Level Coach Certification Course and a 1 Day Practice Development plus follow-on telephone mentoring with Dr Skiffington). All course fees are in US Dollars -except when courses are held in Australia where they are in Australian Dollars. Regional Program dates are available upon registration of interest. (Location -nominate Country and City)

Format: – One-to-One (one participant and Dr Skiffington only) -$8,450
– Small Group (minimum 2 persons, maximum 6) -$4,950 per participant -Special Corporate Rate schedule for multiple bookings.

Regional Resellers License
– a special course where a qualified individual, business or organization is trained and licensed to supply various Level One Coach Training Courses and other customized coaching/educational products designed by Dr. Skiffington within their organization or particular country and region. Includes back-up and support by Dr.Skiffington. Note: Dr Skiffington’s advanced Certification Courses (re: as listed on this website) are not available for re-sell. Read more…

Note: 1) Due to the limited number of course places/dates available with Dr. Skiffington course and mentoring fees are payable in full within 3 days of acceptance.
2) ‘Delivered to you’ course fee includes any travel and accommodation expenses for Dr. Skiffington.
3) The participant is responsible for arranging course venue (unless otherwise noted).
4) Group courses are strictly limited to qualified applicants with similar professional goals.

What You receive:

Training – A 4 Day Master Coach.Certification program with personal instruction by Dr Skiffington – (See next page for course content)

Plus An extensive Master Coach Workshop Course Manual – Yes
A Master Coach Practice Manual – Yes
A Master Coach Toolkit – Yes
Referral Networking* – Yes
Client Management Support* – Yes
Marketing and Business Practice instruction – Yes
Marketing materials supplied – Yes
Coaching Needs Analysis – Yes
Client Protocol Forms – Yes
Client Proposals – Yes
Contract Forms – Yes
Coaching Assessment Tools – Yes
Various Processing Tools – Yes
Coaching Interventions Guide Sheets -Yes
Right to reprint, re-brand and personalize forms/reports – Yes
….and more

> Course Content

Limited number of available course places:

Due to Dr. Skiffington’s business commitment/support to her graduates and her limited time availability Suzanne is only able to provide a small number of courses in North America, the UK, Australia and Asia. Other regions may apply. This protects your investment of finance, time and energy and enables you to build a substantial practice based on or around her 1-to1 teaching, customized materials and services. It also means Suzanne can concentrate on providing you with personalized, focused training, guidance and support. As with any discipline, developing enduring coaching skills takes place over time and with practice.

Some Notes:
Coach Certification (private practice or in-house):
Saying you’re just a “certified coach” isn’t enough for today’s marketplace. Private clients and organizations are asking that their coaches (internal or external) be competent, credible and credentialed specialist behavioral change agents.

Fact 1: Our global graduate program is not open to all. The stringent requirements for an invitation to our ‘how-to’, resource-rich program are demanding and represent the global coaching industry’s highest entry standards by far. Our discerning students seek to distance themselves from other “coaches” by gaining credibility through being accepted into, and associated with, the most prestigious and highly reputable coaching educator worldwide.

Fact 2: The state-of-the-art Master Coach graduate course is internationally recognized by the worldwide coaching community as the highest certification in the organizational coaching profession.

Fact 3: The personalized/customized course structure and the ‘hands-on’ format ensures that our select graduates obtain “real-world”, “world-best standard” coach training valued and respected by organizational clients worldwide.

Fact 4. Dr Skiffington’s Certification Course is recognized by many Government Professional Agencies responsible for the supervision and training of professionals working in areas such as the behavioral sciences, management and human resources (for example; the course is approved by the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California).

Curriculum Notes:
1. “..hours spent training with (Dr Skiffington’s) school will count towards coach specific training hours for accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the ICF” – I.C.F -A

2. Our Courses only use practical, proven, psychological-based tools and processes that are industry-focused and can be easily applied and learnt by our students who do not require any training in psychology.

3. Only validated, behavioral scientific models, accelerated behavioural change techniques, competencies and behaviours identified in robust studies by leading academics are ever mentioned or used in our courses. Other coach training courses may use other models or derivatives of: ‘NLP’, the GROW model, counselling or other well-intentioned approaches -however, on what verifiable evidence is their model, practice and philosophy of coaching based? – Read more..

Recent studies have shown the average earnings for business coaches to be over $80,000 p.a. As a qualified trained coach you should aim to find yourself placed amongst the top practices earning $200,000 plus.