Coaching Report # 10

Regardless of the type of coach all coaches share one goal: equipping people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities that they need to develop their capabilities and achieve success. However, each of the below types of coaching varies in the specialist business knowledge and training required by the coach to perform effectively. In particular, coaches working in an organizational environment require greater business acumen, a broader understanding of the organizational context in which an individual works, and more rigorous training in professional skills development, group dynamics, behavioural change and organizational culture and performance. Successful coaches have been trained to work with human behavior in an organizational context, understand what it takes to change and know how to separate core problems from the rest. Certified Master Coaches (by Dr Skiffington) are specifically trained in understanding, assessing and developing individuals in the context of their workplace situation.

Some coaching specialties  -where graduates of Dr Skiffington’s Certified Master Coach Course employ the behavioral change and learning coaching model:

 Executive Coaching

The Executive Coach works in the specialist area of executive professional development -to help develop executives by increasing their self-awareness and building and changing their personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term organizational success. Executive coaches focus on individual strengths and liabilities, developing strategic thinking skills, broadening emotional competencies, expanding coalitions and networks, and building organizational culture through living the corporate values etc.

 Global Executive Coaching

The Global Executive Coach focuses on intercultural issues that support the globally oriented executive.

 Leadership Coaching

The Leadership coach focuses on developing the leadership skills of an organization’s high potential talent (the next generation of organizational leaders) at every level of the organization, to become capable leaders.

 Management Coaching

The Management Coach assists managers and other leaders develop and refine their management practices and strategies for increased performance, teamwork, quality, service, and financial results.

 Internal Corporate/Organizational Coaching

The Internal Corporate Coach is employed by organizations engaged in the task of individual and organizational change and learning.


 CEO/Directors Coaching

The CEO and/or Directors Coach works with the senior management group in leadership and organizational development issues.


 Business Services Coaching

The Business Services Coach (Real Estate Agents, CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Attorneys and other service providers) – as an add-on to their traditional services acts as a trusted specialist advisor and guides their clients and/or other practitioners through strategic planning and related personal management issues.


 Business Development Coaching

The Small Business Development Coach works with the busy owner/manager/entrepreneur trying to better manage and grow his/her business enterprise.


 Sales Coaching

The Sales Coach assists Sales Managers and sales professionals to enhance their performance levels, personal skills and client relationship capabilities.


 Career Coaching

The Career Coach assist clients in working on areas such as: finding career/job development and direction, life purpose, personal satisfaction, life/work balance, job search strategies etc.


 Communication Coaching

The Communication Coach works with individuals, groups, and organizations in the areas related to preparing and communicating effective public/media presentations by increasing communication effectiveness through a variety of methods including improved listening, presentations, leading and participating in dialogs, writing, and non-verbal communication etc.


 Fitness Coaching

The Personal Fitness Coach helps busy professionals assess their health and fitness levels that impacts the execution of their professional business skills. A personalized behavioral, exercise and nutrition program is designed that will help them enhance or reclaim their personal health, fitness and leader effectiveness.


 HealthCare Coaching

The HealthCare Coach works with healthcare administrators, Physicians and staff to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives and hospital system or practice.


 Coaching Educators

The Coaching Educator works with Teachers and Administrators in schools and tertiary institutions engaged in building a better learning environment and curriculum.

 Tertiary Coaching

The Tertiary Coach works with university/college students, staff, and faculty members to navigate through their learning workplace and develop their career.


 Political Leadership Coaching

The Political Leadership Coach helps aspiring and existing political leaders as they work through the culture of politics and instigating change

Dr Skiffington’s industry-proven Certified Master Coach Course meets the critical needs for professional coaches to be trained and mentored in the use validated, reliable behavioral coaching models, tools and techniques.

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