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” …the 1to1 Coach Referral Network is unquestionably the country’s leading resource for sourcing qualified business and executive coaches.”
– Weekly Times
“Dr. Skiffington’s exclusive Coach Training School has produced some of the nation’s leading executive coaches”
– H.R.Today

Global Business Coaching Services:

A solution that works for you

– You want to be sure that any coaching support employees receive is delivered by experts.
– You want on-demand management resources to provide employees with a wide range of comprehensive coaching interventions provided by specialist organizational coaches and at the same time, effectively manage your company’s L & D budget.
– You want to be assured that the most appropriate type of developmental coaching for your people is being provided.
– Services:
Coach Referral
Educational (see:Courses)

Assessment – The FIRST STEP prior to implementing a coaching program:

The 1 to 1 Coaching Network™ provides a consultative approach to first understand your strategic, tactical, and implementation objectives. Our proven methodology allows us to better understand, identify, and forecast your current and future coaching needs while delivering proven solutions.

Our many years of experience in successfully introducing best coaching practices into organizations qualify us to evaluate an organization’s specific coaching needs and recommend a suitable coaching program that is designed to succeed. The Assessment Review is presented in a Management Report/Roadmap for achieving success.

Time Schedule: One to two days.
Service provided: On-site consultation with your key people. Some functions include: Interviews, Collection of Qualitative and Quantitative Data, Data Analysis ,Goal Prioritization and an Assessment Report.
Fee: Varies by coach and time spent.

Evaluation Services (Situational Analysis and Effectiveness Reviews)

Are your coaching efforts taking you where you want to go?

The journey to achieving your coaching program’s success can lead to wrong turns and dead ends.

Adopting Best Practices
Building on over twenty years of experience, Dr. Skiffington heads the world’s foremost coaching evaluation services agency.

A program evaluation will assess the overall success factors of your program measured against industry accepted best practices. The evaluation will provide recommendations where best practices can be employed and improved in order to mitigate risk of program failure or unsatisfactory results.

The evaluation stage is used to gain an understanding of the organization’s current coaching professional development processes and to develop a ‘best practice’ gap analysis. The evaluation process can be conducted on three levels: a) where the existing program management strategies/practices are reviewed b) where specific problems and issues are analyzed and/or, c) where the individual coaches’ professional skills and their program outcomes are evaluated across a range of factors such as: quality of performance and education, measurable, resultant change and new skill procurement by the coachee’s.

A final report containing recommendations and an action plan will be developed.

Time Schedule: Typically two to four days.
Service provided: Some functions include: Interviews, Collection of Qualitative and Quantitative Data, Data Analysis, establishing Program Objectives and Standards and finally an Evaluation Report.
Fee: Varies by coach and time spent.

Educational Services: (see – Courses)

Coaching Referral Services:

1 to 1 Coaching Network™

Our mission is your success:
– we provide a FREE SEARCH to find the best qualified, specialist business coach to meet your needs.

The search for the ‘right coach’ for your learning, development and/or change needs can be time consuming, frustrating and costly – especially if the wrong coach is matched with your personnel. We can speed up the MATCHING PROCESS at NO COST to you. Our online FREE referral service is the world’s leading business coaching search facility.

All coaches on our global register are professionally trained, mentored, certified Master Coaches with the world’s leading business coach training educator Dr. Skiffington. The Network provides businesses access to coaching support, services and resources via an “on-demand” International Register of external, specialist, qualified Master Coaches at “results-based-fees”.

All member coaches are not trainers or consultants in disguise but professional certified coaches committed to the coaching process and possess advanced coaching skills that and techniques ensure measurable results.

The Coaching Network can put your key people on the success track that will build the bridge between where you are as an organization today, and where you want to be tomorrow. Executive Coaching services from the Network help individuals identify and act on developmental needs. Just as world-class athletes use trainers to give them a competitive edge, executives can also move to the next level of performance by fine-tuning their strengths and changing behaviors that may limit their effectiveness.

It used to be that organizations would have external executive coaches only work with troubled, derailing executives. Today, however, executive coaching is a mainstream practice that helps even the most productive, well-adjusted executives articulate their vision, meet new challenges, and influence the organization’s direction. The Network can help your executives develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that your organization requires to thrive and succeed.

Coaching Today:
The global coaching business is: a) a rapidly growing $100 million business second only to the IT industry in its US growth rate and, b) a large, disparate group of tens of thousands of service providers with many different specialties and professional backgrounds. The corporate coaching profession of 2001 is a vastly different business service sector than its predecessor of 5 years ago. Client performance requirements including advanced coaching education, proven methodologies, tools and techniques will be even greater between now and 2006.

The network is one of the most extraordinary business tools for any business or organization no matter the size or type. We engage in long-term partnerships with successful, progressive achievers in all business fields, government and more. And we’re growing.

Members of our Coaching Network:
– are experienced change and learning facilitators.
– maintain a high level of knowledge in the field and remain current on theory and practice,
models, tools and methods.
– specialize in the area of high yield personal development of key personnel
– maximize the intelligence, talent and skills of your people.
– construct highly personalized developmental plans for people to acquire lasting skills and
competencies necessary to raise their performance levels to new heights and to better
manage their careers and lives.
– have strategies for supporting and referring their clients to more appropriate resources.


Individual Coaching – Executive Coaching.
One-on-one Executive Coaching offers a unique opportunity for managers and executives to engage in a personally tailored program designed to accelerate professional development.

Coaching is especially valuable for executives who are leading significant organizational change efforts, or who are positioned for promotion. Coaching is also effective for executives who have reached a career plateau, who are experiencing job stress, interpersonal conflicts, or other obstacles to their professional advancement.

Coaching sessions begin with discussions to discover ideas and expectations. The role of the coach is to reveal behaviors, style issues or hidden obstacles and then create an action plan in tandem with the participant. This individualized “coaching plan” helps the manager build on strengths, modify behaviors impeding effectiveness, and acquire new insights.

Coaching is a professional relationship that enhances the ability to effectively focus on making changes and achieving desired results. With a coach as a committed and professional partner, executives receive the positive support to improve perspective, choose where to focus attention and resources, and perform at consistently optimal levels.

All assessments are confidential. A typical fee for Executive Coaching is $1,900 which includes; an
initial package of several hours of one-on-one coaching, a personalized coaching plan, and administration of assessment instruments. Additional coaching sessions are charged at $200 to $275 per hour.

The coaching programs are designed to meet a range of needs, and they vary greatly in depth and duration. All assessments are confidential. A typical fee for Executive Coaching is $1,500 to $2,000 which includes; an initial package of several hours of one-on-one coaching, a personalized coaching plan, and administration of assessment instruments. Additional coaching sessions can be charged at $120 to $275 per hour.

Some Professional one-on-one or group Coaching Services for Key Leaders, High Performers, High Potentials or Key Personnel.

Executive Coaching:

– manager being groomed
– executive experiencing transition problems
– the intimidating manager
– the executive on the way up

Leadership Skills Development
360 Degree and/or KPI Follow-on Coaching
Career Development and Objectives
Succession Planning
Customized Individual Development Planning for executives/managers to achieve their potential..
Developing High Performance ‘Team Functioning’
Specified Skills Coaching
Key Position Behavioral Competency Development
Daily Personal Organization
Performance Management Communication Processes between employees and their managers

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Coaches On Call around the globe
Each accredited member coach of the The 1 to 1 Coaching Network has unique professional and personal skill sets and has undertaken one-on-one specialist coach training and a minimum of 12 months mentoring with Dr. Skiffington. The training and Certification that these Executive and Business Coaches bring to the business environment will insure that corporate executives, managers, the owner/manager and the entrepreneur will be able to meet their personal and professional objectives. We will shortly list a resume of member coaches who are available for prospective contract work. In the meantime, if you have any immediate coaching needs just fill out the below inquiry form.

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