International Coaching Program Accreditation
 -for existing coaching practices (external and an organization’s in-house coaching program)

Level One  -“A” rating. The owner/coach of a solo practice or a group practice or an In-House Coaching Program Manager has been personally trained, certified and their coaching program/s reviewed by Dr Skiffington.

Level Two  -“AA” rating. All coaching staff of a group practice or an In-House Coaching Program have been: a) personally trained and certified by Dr Skiffington and b) are participating in ongoing yearly professional development programs.

Level Three  -“AAA” rating. Dr Skiffington has assisted the coaching provider (at least once in the last year) in co-developing coaching programs and/or co-presenting (as a guest facilitator) educational programs (ie: training and certifying a client’s or program’s coaching staff).

FIRST STEP: Certification Course Application -leading to a Level One, A rating.

The first step towards obtaining accreditation is for a coaching provider to successfully apply for a place (for one or more of its members) in a 1-to-1, 5 Day Program (a 4 Day Coach Certification Course conducted on-site at the provider’s offices plus a 1 Day Practice/Coaching Program Review and follow-on telephone mentoring with Dr Skiffington).

These customized, developmental courses are able to address the immediate issues of need/interest to your coaching staff and can focus on real-life case-examples from your organization. Note: Past graduates of Dr Skiffington’s Master-Levels Coach Course (who graduated at least 1 year prior) are required to first undertake a 2 Day Special Refresher Course (to bring themselves up-to-date on the latest coaching practices) to qualify for the following 1 Day Coaching Program/Practice Review.

The 5 Day, One-to-One Program (4 Day Certification Course and the 1 Day Coaching Program Review and Development)

This strictly limited program is exclusively conducted One-to-One (on-site at the ‘partners’ offices by Dr Skiffington and the program participant/s only -one or more nominated participants)

The unique course features tailor-made hands-on tasks and real-world business scenarios, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and get right to work. With Dr Skiffington’s training, guidance and support in just a matter of days, you’ll be creating your own successful model of business practice, identifying your clients and market opportunities, developing powerful skill applications and embracing new business/program management practice

4 Day Coaching Certification Course:
-acquire the latest tools, business management practice and market intelligence, such as: 

  • the misconceptions that many organizations have about coaching  -what coaching can and cannot deliver
  • why and who are the organizations/business sectors (locally and internationally) that are adopting coaching as a learning, change, leadership and management model
  • analysis of the latest statistical reports on organizational coaching outcomes
  • how successful organizations are integrating coaching into their existing professional development program
  • company case studies -what works and what doesn’t
  • how to measure your organization’s ‘Coaching Readiness’ and create customized individual and team coaching strategies according to individual, management, departmental and organizational readiness.
  • the steps to managing a successful coaching program capable of producing accountable, measurable, bottom-line results
  • how to measure the results of coaching
  • how to measure Coaching Effectiveness over the long term
  • how to use various tools, such as: practice methodologies, behavioral assessment instruments and follow-on data interpretation, measurements of behavior and maintenance of behavior change, program processing reports and forms, business practice management tools, marketing and business promotional guide sheets, source materials, practice case studies and coaches’ program reports from around the world etc
  • also customized, personalized exercises and role-play situations etc  
  • plus lots more (see: Coach Certification – ‘Course Content’)

Course follow-on 1 Day Coaching Program/Practice Review:

The fifth day of the above Program is spent with Dr. Skiffington and the course participant (usually the coaching provider’s senior member) reviewing the coaching provider’s projects and the coaching staff’s professional training/development needs to meet the current and future needs of the projects/clients.

Dr Skiffington provides a consultative approach to first understand the strategic, tactical, and implementation objectives of your client’s/in-house projects. Suzanne’s many years of experience in successfully introducing best coaching practices into organizations qualify her to evaluate a client’s specific coaching needs and recommend a suitable coaching program that is designed to succeed.

A program evaluation assesses the overall success factors of your program measured against industry accepted best practices. The evaluation by Dr Skiffington provides ‘how-to’ recommendations where ‘world-best practices’ can be employed and processes improved.

The evaluation by Dr. Skiffington is used to gain an understanding of the project’s processes and to develop a ‘best practice’ gap analysis. The evaluation process can be conducted on three levels: a) where the existing program management strategies/practices are reviewed, b) where specific problems and issues are analyzed and/or, c) where the individual coaches’ professional skills and their program outcomes are evaluated across a range of factors

Some functions include: Staff Interviews (on-site consultation with your key people), Collection of Qualitative and Quantitative Project Data, Data Analysis and Goal Prioritization (establishing Project Objectives and Standards).

Dr Skiffington’s proven methodology allows her to better understand, identify, and forecast your current and future professional and business development coaching needs while delivering proven solutions in the form of follow-on customized, training courses designed to meet those needs. A final follow-on project and professional development training program with recommendations is submitted. (See: Fourth Step)

SECOND STEP: Mentoring

This vitally important service/mentorship provided by Dr Suzanne Skiffington ensures: 1) her long term commitment to her ‘Partners’ coaching program’s success and, 2) a high standard of practice necessary for a new external practice ‘Partner’ wishing to be part of the Global Work Referral Program (minimum 18 sessions over 2 years).

The Coaching Certification Course provides the specific tools, techniques, business management practice, coaching models etc. that are required in day-to-day specialist professional practice. This exclusive mentoring program provides the glue to creating foundational strength and resiliency. The program provides the difference between course participants who listen and then go on and may apply what they hear and are given, and those who listen and then go on to apply what they hear and are given through One-to-One telephone counsel/mentoring.

The program is a form of personal and business success insurance – to ensure your newly taught coaching skills and practice management skills succeed. The program:

  •  helps the coach evaluate how well they are performing
  • assists in overcoming challenges
  • helps reinforce the specific model of successful coaching as it relates to their practice
  • helps the coach identify and refine what is working well and what needs further fine-tuning and what to change
  • helps the coach reflect on where they are
  • assists the coach in problem-solving and finding solutions
  • is a means for information sharing
  • provides access to invaluable advice on business/marketing matters
  • increases the competitiveness of your practice
  • assists the coach in resourcing ie: a coach is a resource person and is therefore as good as their resources are deep
  • is a tangible way for you to show your prospective clients that you are walking your own talk by being mentored/coached by Dr. Skiffington.

Medium and Frequency: The mentoring program is conducted via telephone and by appointment. Dr Skiffington makes the calls. Frequency varies according to usage, but typically contact is made every ten days or so for up to 60 minutes.

THIRD STEP: Follow-on Customized (multiple) Training -leading to a Level Two, AA rating.

Customized Specialist Workshop/Course 
As our courses are customized to meet defined needs, our ‘Partners’ benefit from the ability to have key personnel/managers undergo the same time-critical specialist, needs-based education at the same time. Workshops can further be tailored to occur over time to keep pace with your coaching program’s roll-out and with changing issues etc. Customized courses focusing on specific issues and objectives generate greater impact and are more cost-effective.

Follow-on customized, developmental courses are available on 2, 3 and 4 Day formats. Course fees vary according to number of participants (ie: One-to-One or Small Group -minimum 2 persons, maximum 6).

FOURTH STEP: Co-Partnering by Dr Skiffington -leading to a Level Three, AAA rating.

Keeping the momentum and keeping pace with current world-best standard.
Our preference is to establish an ongoing working relationship with a few select ‘Partners’. Our partners want an ongoing commitment and support from us to ensure their projects continue to meet ‘best industry-standard’ and/or ‘best world-standard’. As a coaching developer and author of coaching best-practices, Dr Skiffington chooses to work with some of the world’s best coaching practitioners in the form of an ongoing, co-learning, developmental partnership. However, all of her coaching ‘partners’ receive equal access to her ‘knowledge and experience base’.

Dr Skiffington assists the coaching provider (at least twice in a calendar year) in:
1) co-developing coaching programs and/or
2) co-presenting educational programs (as a guest ‘contract’ facilitator, ie: for an external practice -training and certifying a client’s staff, for an organization’s in-house coaching program -training and certifying their coaching staff and key management.)
3) supplying all AAA Rating holders an extensive Annual Report containing the latest in cutting-edge coaching knowledge, tools, studies, resources etc

 – To take the FIRST STEP simply complete the 5 Day Accreditation Program section on our
Registration of Interest Form  -to set-up a telephone appointment with our Course Registrar (to discuss the program, bring you up-to-date with available limited course dates/places and answer any questions you may have).

Certification  Course Content..